Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hotel Magnolia

Hotel Magnolia is one of "Victoria's Secrets"!! Because of its fantastic location near the harbour, this elegant boutique hotel is within easy walking distance to numerous destinations in and around Victoria. Known for its friendly professional staff and high standards of housekeeping, the Hotel Magnolia was awarded Top Hotel in Canada and Top Luxury Hotel by Trip Advisors Travellors' Choice for three years now. Amenities include a compact fitness room, infrared sauna, newly expanded spa, and passes to the nearby YMCA. The rooms are tasteful, spotless, and spacious; many have lovely views of the Inner Harbour and the Parliament buildings.

A complimentary continental breakfast (nothing to write home about, but an added bonus nonetheless) is offered every morning from 6:30 -10:00 a.m. Overall, the Hotel Magnolia offers consistently unmatched service, excellent accommodation, convenient location, and knowledgable staff. It's always a favorite place to stay for us whenever we visit British Columbia's gorgeous capital city.

Hotel Magnolia
623 Pandora St.
Victoria, BC

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  1. Great location and excellent service ! Thanks for your recommendations... cheers